How LED Grow Lights Function?

LED grow lights

Are you wondering whether led grow lights work? – is the website you should check. When you use the LED grow lights as specified they work better. Some of the things you must consider while using LED grow lights are the correct wattage output for the plant, correct hanging height, and you must off the light after continuous usage for 18 hours. LED grow light uses new technology. An LED (Light-emitting diodes) is an electrical device. It emits a spectrum of light with energy efficiency. It is used for stimulating the growth of the plants.

The light emitted from the electrical device is similar to the Sunlight and they are plant’s growth at different stages. LED grow lights are used as a source of light for the plant’s growth. Sometimes it is also used as a supplement. Indoor plants and indoor vegetation are made possible with the help of the LED grow lights.

For creating light LED grow light use two types of semiconductors. The first semiconductor material has negative charges in it. The negative particle is called an electron. The second semiconductor material used in the LED grow light is the positive charge. It is called holes.

In LED grow light the light is passed through the semiconductor chips whereas other grow lights use lead, mercury, gas or filament for producing light. When compared with other grow lights, LED grow lights have more energy efficiency. They are versatile and can be used for many years. LED grow light will not harm the environment.

The wavelength produced from the LED grow lights are very useful for the growth of the plant. This wavelength cannot be seen by a human in the naked eyes. Since this wavelength plays an important role in the photosynthesis of the plant, it is called PAR (Photosynthetically Active Rays). Inside there are different wavelengths available. Each type helps the plants grow at different stages. The intensity of the LED grows lights vary from 460 to 925.

If you live in cities you can use this type of light for producing food. They can consume good quality foods from their own garden.

Some of the important factors to be considered while selecting LED grow light:

If you are planning to buy an LED grow light then consider the below full list here.

  • Light Spectrum
  • Size or the coverage area
  • Output of heat

Benefits of using an LED grow light

  • You can save energy because LED grow lights consume very less energy when compared with the other grow lights.
  • The growth of the plants can be improved by using an LED grow light. Since the emission of harmful rays like UV rays and IR rays are reduced.
  • Growth cycles of indoor plants are made faster. It is made possible with the help of different types of wavelengths.
  • LED grow lights can be used for many years because of the low heat output.

The cost of the LED grow lights are a little expensive when compared with the traditional grow lights. But in the long run, you can save money because of its energy efficiency and durability.

Author: Marlene Hurshman

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